Customized Cleansing Facial

Give your skin an individual treatment plan for a clear glowing complexion. Each facial is specifically modified

to treat your skins condition concerns.

       60 Minutes                             $100


Fast Results Facial

Need a facial but short on time? Cleanse, exfoliate and reviatlizine your skin in just 30 minutes. You'll experience

a treatment that leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and revitilized.

       30 Minutes                            $55


Back Facial

A relaxing treatment custom blended to address any need

of the back, like dryness or acne.

      45 Minutes                            $75


See the Specials Page for Seasonal Facials


Acne Clear-Up Treatment

Excellent for acne to exfoliate and dry out lesions fast, effective, affordable and comforable treatment

Recommended 4 treatments and Acne Skin Clearing System


System includes:

Cleanser, Toner, Blemish Creme, Moiturizer Serum

1 Treatment 20 minutes(no product)     $65

Series of 4  (no product)                        $220


Add on Treatments

High Frequency- Effective treatment for acne, enlarged pores and scarring. Consistent treatments can provide lasting cumulative long term, anti-aging results such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging

       10 Minutes                         $10





















Chemical Peels

Customized Chemical Peels


A Light Exfoliation that removes the outer layer of dead skin Designed to experience mild sloughing with repeat treatments. For best results a series of three to six treatments should be performed one to two weeks apart.


     30 Minutes

      1 Treatement                             $100



4% Pure Retinol Peel


Exfoliation occurs generally about two to three days after application. Skin goes through very little down time. May cause light flaking and peeling similar to sunburn.

     40 Minutes

     1 Treatement                           $120