We provide a variety of services to help you maintain smooth, silky skin for both men and women.



A skilled technician will arch your eyebrows according to the contour of your face. A combanation of  waxing, tweezing and triming the brow will give you a polished look.


All Hair Removal
Hair removal services are designed for males and females. Whether you want the hair removed all over your body, on the back and chest for males, or Brazilian wax for ladies, this is the place to come.


        Eye Brows                          $20

        Lip                                      $17

        Chin                                    $15

        Sides of Face                      $ 23

        Lower Arms                       $31

        Upper Arms                       $28

        Full Arms                           $50

        Under Arms                       $30

        Lower Leg                         $47

        Full Leg                             $77

        Bikini                                 $40

        Stomach                             $35

        Back                                   $55

        Chest                                  $55

        Toes                                    $17

        Tops of Feet                       $20